Pop-up health & wellness experts

Improve productivity, performance and workplace happiness with our bespoke on site pop-up services

Our onsite pop up services make it as easy as possible to bring a flexibility to work and life for your employees. We look to build upon a company’s culture without any risk to employers. Our services can be paid for by employees directly, by the employer directly, or you can meet in the middle with split payment.

Our standards are high when it comes to the appointments we provide because we know yours are too. So, all you need to do is provide the space and we’ll look after the rest. When it comes to your employees, a little Treat makes a big difference.


Our Services

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Imagine if Mondays began with a Treat?


How It Works


Your Service

Choose the services that you would like to pop-up in your office, and the date that best suits you.


A Customised Solution

Our team will get in touch to advise on facility requirements, and propose your customised solution.


Let's Get

We'll create marketing material for your popup, with booking links so your staff can choose their slot.


Team Arrives

Our specialist team arrive to your office to prep the pop-up and start providing our first class service.


Full Reporting Provided

Reports on engagement levels are provided, and employee feedback will be followed up with if required*

*all reports are aggregated & anonymous

The Goodness Of Treat


Build Strong Workplace Dynamics

Create a stronger workplace dynamic & fuel employee retention with our extensive range of services.

Encourage A Healthy Workforce

Our services onsite can help to lower your risk of health expenditure, injuries and ailments.

No Downside For Employers

No risk, just benefits. Our flexible payment options can mean no cost to employers. All we need is space for the service.

Access To Wellness Services

Access to wellness services have proven to boost employee productivity, performance and workplace happiness.

Find out how our team can build a bespoke plan for your employees today