The workplace health & wellness pop up services specialists

Here at Treat, we provide workplace health & wellness pop up services not offered by anyone else in the country. We know how difficult it is to make time to see the physio about that niggle, or get an appointment with an optometrist at a time that suits you, or even get to the barber or hairdresser to enjoy some relaxing headspace for just 30 minutes. Each of our clinicians and wellness providers are vetted in-person, fully chartered and leaders in their industries, and this level of professionalism helps us maintain a gold standard service that we provide to all clients.

Our goals are to bring a wide range of health & wellness pop-up services pop-up services that are both easy and convenient for your employees to access, and to bring great benefits to you with little fuss and minimum cost in a streamlined service.

From hair and beauty to medical care, our services can pop-up in your office on a permanent, regular or occasional basis to companies with between 100-10,000 employees. We know you're busy, so our Treats will be tailored for your schedule, environment and work demands. All we need is a room with appropriate facility to set up – i.e. our hair team will need access to a water source and power.

We don't think employers should take a risk in providing these kinds of services to their staff, so it's up to each company to decide the benefit to them. Whether it's the employee paying directly, co-payment between the company and employee, or the employer looking after the bill — we have a variety of models to suit everyone.

Bookings can easily be managed through our dashboard, and we can help you plan the number of days needed onsite needed to cover your employee population. We're sure your employees won't need too much encouragement to sign up, but our inhouse marketing team will create material needed to drive engagement with the services.

Treat is a spin out company of the Spectrum Health group. They have looked after over 200,000 patients across Ireland in their 30+ clinics, and provided more than 300 companies with onsite wellness, gym management, onsite health, EAP and ergonomics services for their staff.


Treat Provides:

  • You choose what service you want on site and we'll look after the rest.

  • We provide a dashboard for easy bookings and payments.

  • All of our services are provided by leading experts in their respective field.

  • Our marketing team can create the material needed to drive engagement.

Find out how our team can build a bespoke plan for your employees today